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Philadelphia This site presents the work of a select group of photographers working in a number of countries, each with their own view of the world. The work presented ranges from large format images of the landscape to intimate portraits of special events.

Gargoyle Many of the images displayed are for sale through the web sites of the individual photographers. They can be contacted via their site if you wish to discuss a project that you have in mind. First and foremost, however, the site is designed to share the vision that the artists have of the world around them.

nick cross
Based in Hampshire in the UK.
peter d askew
UK and Germany based and working with film and digital technologies to create atmospheric portraits and images of the urban environment. Owner of imsl-imaging.
reinhard füssel
Based in Potsdam, Germany, Reinhard has been working in B&W film for many years to document the changes during the transition from the DDR to a united Germany.
rob mackillop
Rob MacKillop works largely in film, with some digital work, often uniting both disciplines in one image. His work explores how light can alter perceptions, creating different realities. He is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

You can contact the individual photographers represented on this site via their web sites (follow the link on their gallery page) or via the form below. Alternatively you can call imsl imaging on +49 331 704 7507.

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